2022 Cabernet Sauvignon RoséThe rich heritage and exquisite flavors of Vasanti Canada Wines. Step into a world where tradition meets innovation, and where every bottle tells a story of passion and dedication. Join us as we explore the essence of Vasanti Estate Winery and the endless possibilities that await in every sip.

Experience the Tradition

At Vasanti Canada Wines, we are proud to carry on a legacy of winemaking that spans generations. Our vineyards are carefully tended to by experienced hands, ensuring that only the finest grapes make their way into our bottles. With each vintage, we pay homage to the traditions of the past while embracing the technologies of the future to create wines that are truly exceptional.

Expertise in Every Bottle

Our team of winemakers brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the crafting of Vasanti Canada Wines. From the careful selection of grapes to the precise blending of flavors, each step in the winemaking process is overseen by our passionate experts. It is this dedication to quality that sets our wines apart and ensures that every bottle is a true reflection of our commitment to excellence.

Authority in the Industry

With a history that dates back to the founding of Vasanti Canada Wines, we have established ourselves as a trusted authority in the winemaking industry. Our wines have received accolades from critics and consumers alike, solidifying our reputation as producers of exceptional quality. When you choose Vasanti Canada Wines, you are choosing a brand that is synonymous with excellence and expertise.

Trust in Every Sip

When you uncork a bottle of Vasanti Canada Wine, you can trust that you are in for a truly exceptional experience. Each sip is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and our passion for creating wines that delight the senses. Whether you are sharing a bottle with friends or enjoying a quiet moment of reflection, you can trust that Vasanti Canada Wines will always deliver on taste and satisfaction.


As you explore the heritage of Vasanti Canada Wines, you will discover a world of flavor, tradition, and passion in every bottle. From our vineyards to your glass, our commitment to excellence shines through in every sip. Join us in celebrating the simple pleasures of life and experience the true essence of Vasanti Estate Winery.