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Are you looking to take your golf game to the next level? Look no further than the Skins App, where you can play a round of Vegas golf and test your skills against friends and fellow golf enthusiasts. Vegas golf is a fun and exciting game that adds an extra layer of competition to your round. In this article, we will dive deep into the Vegas golf game rules on the Skins App, so you can be fully prepared to tee off like a pro.

What is Vegas Golf?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the Vegas Golf Game Rules, let’s first understand what Vegas golf is all about. Vegas golf is a scoring system that adds a gambling element to your round of golf. In this game, players compete against each other to earn points based on their performance on each hole.

How to Play Vegas Golf on Skins App

  1. Setting Up the Game: Start by selecting the number of players and creating a match on the Skins App. Invite your friends to join the game and get ready to tee off.
  2. Scoring System: In Vegas golf, players earn points based on their performance on each hole. Points are awarded for various achievements, such as making a birdie, hitting the fairway, or sinking a long putt.
  3. Betting: Players can also place bets on each hole, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. The player with the most points at the end of the round wins the bet.
  4. Strategy: To succeed in Vegas golf, players must strategize and make strategic decisions based on their opponents’ performance. It’s not just about skill; luck and strategy play a significant role in this game.

Vegas Golf Game Rules on Skins App

Now that you have a basic understanding of Vegas golf let’s dive into the specific rules of the game on the Skins App:

  • Each player starts with an equal number of points (e.g., 10 points) at the beginning of the round.
  • Points are earned based on the performance on each hole (e.g., birdie = 2 points, par = 1 point, etc.).
  • Players can also earn bonus points for winning a hole outright or making a certain achievement (e.g., hitting the longest drive).
  • At the end of the round, the player with the most points wins the game and any bets that were placed.

  • With these rules in mind, you can now feel confident in your ability to play Vegas golf on the Skins App and challenge your friends to a fun and competitive game.


Playing Vegas golf on the Skins App is a great way to enhance your golfing experience and add a competitive edge to your rounds. By understanding the rules and strategies of the game, you can elevate your gameplay and have a blast on the course. So, get ready to tee off like a pro and show off your skills in the world of Vegas golf on the Skins App. Happy golfing!